Singapore Airlines – How I love you

I cannot say enough good things about Singapore Airlines (SA). As someone who travels internationally and domestically every month of the year and who owns a passport that looks like a well-loved teddy bear headed off to college, I have seen my fair share of airlines. My recent meetings in Sydney with major retailers and […]

Delta you Disappoint

WARNING WARNING – This post is extremely ranty! Delta, Delta, Delta… What are we gonna do with you? Let me first say that this is the nicest most non-ranting title I could come up with for this post. Some people have asked why I have not been blogging lately? The reason is my Momma. My […]

I love the iPhone!

Yes, I broke down and bought the iPhone. “Broke down” is not quite the right phrase. In truth all other phones were merely a string of waiting rooms until the iPhone arrived. Let me back up a few months. I used to be a die hard Sony Ericsson fan. Buying the latest and greatest camera […]

Hawai’i – That’ll be extra

Welcome to Hawai’i.Where pronouncing the ‘i means you will have to pay a lil extra. We have been faced with expensive drinks with no alcohol on many an occasion. When that happens in China, we usually switch to wine where you can’t take the alcohol out, right? Well maybe not, but they can take the […]

My first Danish Danish!

‘Tis true. I have arrived in Denmark and this morning I had my first real Danish Danish. It did not hit me until I was at breakfast, but this is the originating country of the sweet. I was rightly distracted for so many reasons. The first was customs. I am glad I did not blink […]

One China, Many Confused

This week I am traveling to Macao/Taiwan for my MBA class to do some homework with one of my classmates. It is more of a trip for me to see parts of the world and catch up to all the countries B has been to that I have not. Living in Beijing and Shanghai I […]