So you’re having a baby…

…good for you?  Are you ready or are you freaking out?  One of my colleagues today mentioned that he had to sit through four different birth movies.  4!  That is the same number of Scream movies BTW! I don’t know what they put in the water at work or the wine at church but it […]

Bigger than a bread book

Got this book from B for Christmas. Just found out that she was NOT going to start making bread from it until “I” did first.  Fortunately for both of us, she did not have to wait long. We have made several of the breads out of here including an Oatmeal wheat and a Portuguese cornbread. […]

Ribs with Hill-Country Heritage

Ribs with Hill-Country Heritage I literally started drooling while I was reading this.  A fine example of foods that should never see the inside of a crockpot.  Scroll down for the rub recipe.

5 Brothers book review

We have it.  We thought a nice Chinese story would be great for Baby G.  Wrong. It is a story about 5 identical “CHINESE” brothers with extraordinary gifts such as: 1.  Can swallow the sea 2.  Iron neck 3.  Long Legs 4.  Can’t Burn 5.  Can’t Suffocate The first brother “gets into trouble” when he […]