Not all those who wander are lost

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That famous Taiwan smile

                            While some people (cough, cough) may think I am a “geek” in this photo, I was proud to pull off a “Taiwan” smile for a picture in (??) India!  Actually, I was just having a lot of fun  posing for the …

Taxi conversation:

(speaking in Chinese)Driver: Is that your daughter?Me: Yes.Driver: Where is the mother?Me: Sitting next to her.Driver: But the baby looks Taiwanese. How did you have a Chinese baby?Me: We eat lots of Chinese food. Driver: Ohhh…Me: …. Posted via email from beuk’s posterous

Sexually Repressed in Taiwan!

WHAT! I just saw a little bit of “When Harry Met Sally” on TV today. (Yes, 1989 films are about as modern as Taiwan television gets here.) Regardless, THE SCENE WAS ALMOST 100% CUT! It went from “Are you ok”, Harry crosses arms, then “I’ll have what she’s having.” SHOCK! No uncomfortable glances over the …

MiCasa is CrapOla

Ok, ok, if you follow me at all, you know I love to rant. I have tried to keep quiet for some time now but with places like this in Taipei, it is just too difficult. We were out and about in Taipei on Saturday, as we are want to do, and looking for an …