Taipei Cyclists Getting Fined

The news this week reports that Taiwan “has stalled a proposal that would see cyclists in Taipei City fined for carrying passengers or riding at speeds greater than 15kph” NOTE This is for CYCLISTS. NOT the scooter seen here. Some of the offenses include: NT$180 (~$6USD) for failing to install brakes, lights and bells. NT$300-$600 […]

G is loving the snow

G is loving the snow Originally uploaded by beuk We love the snow and so does G. Our friends are powder hounds and doing a lot of skiing “off map.” They call it skiing the “back woods.” I call it insane. If I need to use a helmet and I can’t use a map it’s […]

This is not a test

Your eyes are not playing tricks on you. After many requests by various* people I have returned to its original format. Apparently, the bright colors, happy pictures, red, white, blue motif was just too much for some people to stand. Maybe it made them too joyful inside. Maybe they were embarrassed to be reading […]

I love the iPhone!

Yes, I broke down and bought the iPhone. “Broke down” is not quite the right phrase. In truth all other phones were merely a string of waiting rooms until the iPhone arrived. Let me back up a few months. I used to be a die hard Sony Ericsson fan. Buying the latest and greatest camera […]