We need to pull each other up, not put each other down.

It is interesting to me that these days we are all about putting each other down. Take a moment to search any news source on Twitter and watch the rabbit hole into which you will delve. People hating people and no end in site.  Politics is stuck. Neither side is budging. There is no compromise […]

Godzilla versus Clover

Finally the internet is good for something. Enter this chart on movie monsters leaving the question, who would win in a fight Godzilla or Clover? Now I wonder where Mothra would be?

Am I dreaming?

I guess if you fall asleep to Inception the first time you watch it you have to question if you really watched it at all, right? I found it amusing that this morning’s newscasters reported they too had fallen asleep on the plane trying to watch it. Today I try again and managed to stay […]

What NOT to get your child for Christmas

Not sure if you can read this or not but it is an article about how a Chinese publisher “could not find” the German version of Grimm’s fairytales and so they used a Japanese version. Turns out it was a pornographic version with Snow White sleeping with her father and the dwarves (is that an […]

You can’t read this article.

I just read a good article, but you’ll never know.  The problem is it wasn’t online or on the Kindle so while I’d love to share it with you it was in a magazine.  Yep, print, paper, ink and it was still a good story, but how will you ever know?   Contrary to popular […]