Superior Brunch

One of the many Engrish signs in TaiNan. Got have that superior brunch! Posted via email from beuk’s posterous

Chewing Sensor

Check this out. You can count your child’s chews… I’m just saying you can if you want to :)

not for bunnies

not for bunnies, originally uploaded by beuk. The shampoo says bunny cant use it. Sorry g.

A sign

See mom its a sign. No pun intended

Peasants Unite!

Yesterday we went to the 6Banyan Tree Temple and the Sun-Yat Sen Memorial. Contrary to popular belief, not everyone who stays at the Westin uses taxis. Especially, when taxis here have never even seen an infant car seat, much less used one. So we took the subway. There were some interesting stops along the way. […]