I remember long ago, my sister and I put on a show. We dressed up in my mother’s clothes, and put on wigs and pantyhose. We walked around the house that day, with a wig, old and gray. We fooled my dog and my dad, but when we did, he didn’t get mad. My mom […]

If you like Hockey, you’ll love Water Polo

If you like hockey, you’ll love water polo. Mike Emrick is broadcasting the play by play for women’s water polo (and men’s?) at the Olympics. As I listen to the game at work I hear his voice and have to be reminded that this is in a pool and not on ice. Especially since there […]


It is funny when you name your kid something and then you start seeing that name everywhere. We started with a Biblical reference which was also tied to one of our favorite shows. Now I can’t stop seeing the name, and it is funny, but I like all these things!

Dinner Conversation

ME: Please eat.  G, I give you 30 minutes to eat.  It takes me 5, but you take 60!  Why, why why!G: Life is hard!ME: <LMAO>

Pencil Dust?

I knew airline wines were crap, but pencil dust???