Home Schooling

Bzzztttt…. Pop…..eeeek…. testing, testing is this thing on??? No time like Friday the 13th and a global pandemic to dust off this blog and get back to the “interwebs”. The family is alive and well and living north of the border in Canada and on this auspicious day we are coming to grips with the […]

Meet me at the store with the bike!

All three of these are stores in Wicker Park. None of them are LBS’s (local bike shops). I’d love to see the metrics on if a vintage bike in the window increases sales. Then again, it IS Wicker Park. They could just be employee bikes.

#3 – Bora Bora

On our way to pick up our son at my sister’s, we were discussing possible locations for our 10th anniversary trip. B deviates from her plan and mentions that she’d like to go to Bora Bora, a sandy location. I thought this would be a good idea and maybe we could fly through New Zealand […]

How do you transport a family of four?

Hand me down pink helmets and bicycles (tri-cycles?) built for two. This is how we rode to the Lincoln Park Fest this past weekend. G and B ride the tandem while the boys are on the mountain bike and baby seat. All in all not too shabby. I am convinced that G and B on […]

Photographing Wildlife

At Yellowstone National Park. 2 hour journey and we finally found some bison. Now if only a wolf would come eat Rebecca we’d really have something to photograph.

Little Blue Countdown

We will see how long this fish lasts.  Right now the record from Sparky is 2 days!   http://daytum.com/displays/223168