Daily Art Project

My daughter’s daily art project. I call it Beijing by night and day. Remind me to go ask her what she intended. Crazy that a five year old just picks up some paints and cranks this out.

Beijing Air, Don’t wanna be there!

This is becoming a serious problem.  I remember when I tried to play 90 min of soccer outside of Beijing and by the time I got home I would spend the next 2 hours wheezing on my couch. It seems things have gotten even worse since then. To all my friends still in Beijing. Take care, […]

Hard Rock Beijing

After three trips to the same hotel in downtown Beijing I finally noticed that my hotel was next to the Hard Rock. Now, it is not for not looking. I am usually gazing out of the car window in an attempt to recognize any recognizable landmark that I might be nearing my hotel, the Hard […]

To GT fans worldwide

If you ever wondered where Stephon Marbury ended up, he’s playing for the Beijing Ducks in the CBA. Go figure!  

Livin’ in a Sideways world

So, What do YOU do on July 4th when you have a 5 hr layover on the way to Beijing and your knee is throbbing?  You figure out why all of your images are posting rotated 90 degrees.  The culprit?  iPhone!!!  iPhone writes EXIF data different then how IE, Firefox and Chrome want to display […]

Frankie’s Home

Gotta get this post up quick to scoop Rebecca. Frankie is home! After 6 months, 21 days, and more paper work than you can shake a stick at (pun intended) Frankie has once again rejoined our family. He and Gioia get along fine. They kind of ignore each other. Gioia is a lil “over it” […]