Three Schools, Three Days

Thank you again to all the people that donated. I wanted to give you a quick update on how the trip is going.: First, it is a lil hot about 94 degrees. This is a bit harsh when you add in pollution, traffic and bugs. That said, the schools that we are visiting are quite […]

Frosty Returns

Here is an excellent example of one of the creative stories.  After reading this, I am not sure how I ever passed an English class.  I also have some theories on what this type of writing would do to my teacher’s brain over time.  God bless her.  #Enjoy: — Like the last words in the […]

So this is Christmas

I posted before about how having kids changes all the words and meanings to songs. I’m not a political person and I don’t like to soap box or jump on the latest craze, but knowing what happened in Newtown it is very hard to push it from my mind when listening to the radio.  Especially, […]

The writing on the wall

Believe it or not I can actually read this and I wrote it! Teacher is taking me back to the basics to make sure I know how to construct each character correctly. If you are really good you will see I got 17 right out of 21 on my first quiz.

No American beef?

Not sure, but this looks like my favorite MOS Burger is boycotting American beef. Will have to ask teacher about the charcters.

No talking in the elevator!

No talking in the elevator!Originally uploaded by beuk Taipei has gone a lil overboard with swine flu scare. Not only dopeople wear masks on a regular basis, but our daughter’s school hasinstituted a whole bunch of new daily rules:1. Sanitize hands2. Have temperature taken3. Change shoes4. No trips abroad5. If you feel ill stay home […]