Thank you again to all the people that donated.

I wanted to give you a quick update on how the trip is going.:

First, it is a lil hot about 94 degrees. This is a bit harsh when you add in pollution, traffic and bugs. That said, the schools that we are visiting are quite happy to have it easier now with regards to weather! Saturday will hit 100!

The days are quite long. We usually start at 8 am and return at 10:30pm. Today, we actually delivered a lesson plan to the kids to get an idea of the kids and the teachers. For my Salesforce, friends consider it as hands-on ethnography :)

This afternoon we will discuss barriers to implementing additional lead, marketing and GTM strategies to starting and growing schools and tomorrow we will begin our hackathon in earnest. We have some crazy YouTubers on this trip so I’ll try to point you to their channel.

Stay tuned.