No talking in the elevator!

No talking in the elevator!
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Taipei has gone a lil overboard with swine flu scare. Not only do
people wear masks on a regular basis, but our daughter’s school has
instituted a whole bunch of new daily rules:
1. Sanitize hands
2. Have temperature taken
3. Change shoes
4. No trips abroad
5. If you feel ill stay home for a week
6. Store diaper in plastic bag
7. You can only use your pre-assigned POS towel and not any random

I feel that this is out of hand. First off I am supposed to sanitize
my hands at the school, the office, the mall, and my language class.
Why? This cannot be healthy. In 2 years our daughter has been sick
twice instead of the average 10 times a year for her age WITHOUT doing
this! Second there have been 6 swine flu deaths in ALL of Taiwan!
Yet they closed 15 schools in TAIPEI alone and now are rumoring that
students will have to learn via radio at home. What? People die of
the flu. It is a fact of life and yes it is sad. Just because you give
it a name or number does not make it any worse than it was before.

I knew all this was crazy, but the final straw is this sign saying we
cannot talk in the lift. What? Who the heck are you to tell me I
cannot talk and what is the point of the mask if I cant talk with it on?
How about no breathing? That would solve the flu problem. Furthermore
no one calls it a lift. Taiwan don’t pretend you do or I will run you
over with my pram and stick you in my bum bag.

I am going to the US with my daughter soon for two weeks. I will make
darn sure our first stop is rolling with the pigs on the nearest farm
and then coming back to give teacher a big hug.

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