Opera House

Not bad for 4.5 hour flight, 15 hour flight, 6:30am arrival, shower in a gym, race to a 10am then 11am THEN 1pm appointment and time to see the sights. I’m going to bed now.

Marine Challenge

I don’t know if it is Post-911 blues or what, but like missing out learning a second language since birth, I also would have liked to have been in the military. That said, If you can’t join ’em, beat ’em (or at least try). I have successfully gotten to September with my New Year’s resolution […]

Sunday in the Park with Gioia

Sunday in the Park with Gioia Originally uploaded by beuk Seeing as I had a lot of rough posts earlier this week, I thought I would tone it down with some weekend posts of Gioia. Here is how the weekend went: First there was the pool. Then there was lunch by the pool. Sunday we […]

This lady is at my gym!

Not that this is supposed to be a YouTube day, but I have been looking for this video for awhile. This is the crazy lil lady AT MY GYM that goes NUTS on the treadmill every day. She is jumping, skipping, dancing, everything all over the mill. Now I am of two minds about this: […]