Not that this is supposed to be a YouTube day, but I have been looking for this video for awhile. This is the crazy lil lady AT MY GYM that goes NUTS on the treadmill every day. She is jumping, skipping, dancing, everything all over the mill.

Now I am of two minds about this: Everyone else is simply running, except her so on one hand she is a nutbag* but on the other hand she seems to be having a lot more fun, she is skinny, and she doesn’t seem to care what others think, so who are we to judge?

The video does not do her justice. Normally she is cranking the speed up and down and doing a James Brown walk all at the same time. I almost wonder if she is working on some routine for something. Whatever it is, it’s crazy.

*search: “nutbag on treadmill” in YouTube to find this again