Marine Challenge

I don’t know if it is Post-911 blues or what, but like missing out learning a second language since birth, I also would have liked to have been in the military. That said, If you can’t join ’em, beat ’em (or at least try).

I have successfully gotten to September with my New Year’s resolution to workout more and I just found this challenge. The key thing for me is that it is simple, it is continuous, and it ties into what I have been working on lately. Watching Cliffhanger has always made me feel bad that I don’t think I could pull myself up if I was dangling from a rock face. In high school I skirted P.E. by joining the band and unless you are hauling the tuba around, it is just not the same as lifting weights. So, I wanted to be able to do pull-ups anytime, anywhere. Especially if I had to catch someone falling off a ship, or hold on while they dangle off the side of a building (Hey, you never know). I started with assisted weights to lighten my own weight and now I am doing it free form. I usually can do about 4 sets of 8. IF I could manage to lose some weight I am sure that would help, but the Gordon Biersch Taco Burger just keeps whispering, “Eat me.” On top of that I am also doing situps regularly and I usually run for about 42 minutes, so this seemed like a good test.

The pull-ups have no time limit, but you can’t let go. They add that rule in there like it matters. If you can’t do one more pull-up, hanging there like a moron is not going to help you. I found the situps work better if someone does hold your ankles. I did it without, and I adjusted my position a lot. I think I could have cranked a few more out if I had help. The running is straight forward: run as fast as you can. They don’t have miles in Taiwan (nope, don’t exist) so I had to run 4.82 Km. Only problem is you just did pull-ups and sit-ups and now you run all out. I ran at about 80%. I thought it was only going to be 18 minutes, so when I got to 23 minutes my spirits started to sink. I couldn’t stop doing the math in my head (1 km at ~7 min = … oh crap, how slow am I?) I also would like to meet the guy running 3 miles in 18:00. This guy has got to be flying.

All in all I am quite happy with my first try. I scored a 166 with 12 pullups, 55 situps, and 26:04 run. That puts me in Tier 2 (yay!) except I am Tier 2 based on my age. I would like to make Tier 2 (a score of 175) to compete with the 20 year olds, but I guess you have to admit younger people can be more fit :(

The next time you hit the gym, give it a try (less than ~30 min) and let me know how you do!

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