Ohhh India… How easy is it to blog about you…

My flight to India started out the same way it did when I flew to Shanghai in 2005. YOU WILL BE SPRAYED! Dude. I am sorry, but it is just wrong to walk down the aisles spraying stuff over people’s heads.

Delhi’s airport is under construction. Apparently, it has been under construction for the past 2 years. Should be ready any minute now, NOT. I had to move loose wires from a junction box to get at my bag. Airport authority, here is a tip: Just calling it a world class airport, does not make it so.

Coming out of the airport I saw an interesting ad. “Diet now, Don’t wait!” Really? How big a market is obesity in India?

Speaking of signs, check these out:

Space for shooting? Who are we shooting?


Is chat more or less expensive than a hotdog? (it should be ChaAt. Even I know that.)

Ohhh India…

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