Spring Break 2018 in Peru

The whole family (wife, and three kids 3, 6, 10) just went to Machu Picchu (MP), Peru for spring break.  We loved it!  Since many people have asked about the trip, I decided to document some suggestions and lessons learned here.  Enjoy:   Pre-Planning If you want to get into the spirit before your trip, […]

Christmas Eve Gift

The first rule of “Christmas Eve Gift” is that we don’t talk about Christmas Eve Gift.   The second rule is…we don’t talk about Christmas Eve Gift.  The remainder of the rules for the annual Coke holiday tradition are as follows: Anytime on Christmas Eve, in the timezone that you are in, be the first […]

China Fakes Windows

Not the first article I have posted on here about China faking things (rocks, grass, concerts, etc…), but certainly a fun one. Chinese Buildings With Fake Windows Painted On In the city of Qingdao, a new apartment complex is raising eyebrows. Some of the windows, it seems, aren’t windows. They’re paint. http://kotaku.com/chinese-building-with-fake-windows-painted-on-1453251480

Fake Anything

And people wonder why I don’t trust the internet or other people. If you can’t tell, the above image is fake (he doesn’t like Apple, he likes banana).  Looking back through some old posts (here, here, and here)  it was interesting (and still is) to note all the fake stuff in China.  Now that I’m […]

Sexually Repressed in Taiwan!

WHAT! I just saw a little bit of “When Harry Met Sally” on TV today. (Yes, 1989 films are about as modern as Taiwan television gets here.) Regardless, THE SCENE WAS ALMOST 100% CUT! It went from “Are you ok”, Harry crosses arms, then “I’ll have what she’s having.” SHOCK! No uncomfortable glances over the […]

BeukTv is back, but still no G – In the mean time…

Hello all and welcome back! You may have noticed that beuk.tv was down for bit. This is because after Startlogic (our hosting provider) decided to change our server with out telling us and then proceeding to take us offline for basically the month of December, we got a lil upset and have left them more […]