Fake Anything

Sammy can’t sign, but he sure can text!

And people wonder why I don’t trust the internet or other people. If you can’t tell, the above image is fake (he doesn’t like Apple, he likes banana).  Looking back through some old posts (here, here, and here)  it was interesting (and still is) to note all the fake stuff in China.  Now that I’m state-side I find myself generating a lot of content for presentation and searching on the internet to find creative ways to do so.


The above image came from:
There are tons of sites that do the same, but this was a good one because it allowed you to add the provider.  An important tip if you move from country to country like me.


I have used various versions of these in lots of PowerPoint demos.  They work well when you have a big announcement or are trying to get people to see your vision.  I even used one to such effect(sp?) that people asked me if it was a real paper I was quoting?

Keep calm

One of my favorite.  I love this meme and this site is the best.  I used it to generate this sign for BlueDog:

iPhone tape case

Until I had to switch to the iPhone5 I had one of these cases, a great conversation starter.  Not technically “on” the internet, but cool none the less.

What other “O-matic” type sites do you use?

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