Sexually Repressed in Taiwan!

WHAT! I just saw a little bit of “When Harry Met Sally” on TV today. (Yes, 1989 films are about as modern as Taiwan television gets here.) Regardless, THE SCENE WAS ALMOST 100% CUT! It went from “Are you ok”, Harry crosses arms, then “I’ll have what she’s having.”

SHOCK! No uncomfortable glances over the shoulder, no hair tossing, no hand slaps, no YES YES YES… it was all NO NO NO lil Taiwanese, you shall not be watching any of this “S-E-X”-like TV in THIS country!

Now, I understand the violence thing. I understand cutting out all the R-rated words so that even Terminator 2 is PG and playable here. I even understand shrinking “Sex and the City” down to 20 minutes and making the foreigners think it is a commercial. But trimming a FAKE sex scene from one of the most famous scenes in movies? Preposterous that this would be cut. How are the Taiwanese even supposed to relate to their global peers when someone mentions the scene? I know Russia and the entire EU are not cutting it. The only saving grace is that the deluge of bad TV in Taiwan will soon come to an end ;)

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