This post probably should be titled, “FourSquare, you suck” but that might be too mean.

For the past month I have been addicted to FourSquare.  Maybe it is because I was in the Boy Scouts, but I really liked the idea of badges and getting credit for… well for doing nothing more than what I normally did.
The trouble came when I had two major realizations:


First, 4sq promised my friends would join.  They did not.  I have a ton of Facebook friends and almost none of them even know what 4sq is, much less have they joined.  Not only that, but the app is kind of driven to the “I go to the bar every night” crowd and this is not me (cough.. not EVERY night).  That was ok, because I was earning badges and becoming the Mayor of many places.  Looking back, I realize that that is a lil cheesy:  My office, my church, Land of Nod.  If the latte sipping moms have not bought into 4sq it will never take off.  But then the Mayorships and badges trailed off.  I became lonely with no one to share my conquests.


Second, the app on the iPhone SUCKS!  It crashes all the time.  I have emailed more crash reports in the past week then I have check-ins.  It takes me 20 minutes or more to check-in.  THEN when I missed one and try to go back and pick it up, I cannot because I am no longer there.  Driving me insane!  That is why right now, I am deleting 4sq from my iPhone and reclaiming the wasted cycles I have spent staring at my iPhone in frustration while 4sq laughs maniacally at me as it crashes.


Goodbye 4sq.  Nice concept, fun for no reason, but you took some of the best minutes of my life and I want them back.