Who is left for the Bears?

Quick, name a Bears player.  Now name another one.  Are they still with the team?  I am no football expert, but the very few names that I DO know from the bears seem to be leaving in droves.  All except Cutler that is who still has no backup.  Check out the list below and let […]

TGT is CHP and the problem with Facebook.

I’ve got a problem.  No, I have two problems.  Ok, I have many problems, but for now let’s focus on just the two. The first one should be easy: Why can’t I search Facebook ads? I am not too keen on Facebook sticking ads in the middle of my News Feed.  Usually when it is […]

4sq…I’m OUT

      This post probably should be titled, “FourSquare, you suck” but that might be too mean. For the past month I have been addicted to FourSquare.  Maybe it is because I was in the Boy Scouts, but I really liked the idea of badges and getting credit for… well for doing nothing more […]

Equifax you suck!

“Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week” – GREAT! Let me call… Dialing….Ahh, it is ringing… “Our support center hours are 8am to 3pm EST 7 days a week. Please call back during those hours” WHAT THE HELL! You know, no one goes to visit Equifax when they are having a good day. […]

Rules 4-5

IT is my third trip to Shanghai and I am here to stay.  In my brief time here I am trying to observe as much as possible and not get killed at the same time.  This is difficult to do as I have been jetlagged most of the first week (hey, the dog is jet […]