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China Fakes Windows

Not the first article I have posted on here about China faking things (rocks, grass, concerts, etc…), but certainly a fun one. Chinese Buildings With Fake Windows Painted On In the city of Qingdao, a new apartment complex is raising eyebrows. Some of the windows, it seems, aren’t windows. They’re paint.

Emergency Alert

This is my second alert of the morning. The first was at 5:00am with the iPhone on silent and DND and STILL this alarm went off! I didn’t even know the phone was capable of this. Good to know that in case of zombie apocalypse, I will get the message.

Fake Anything

And people wonder why I don’t trust the internet or other people. If you can’t tell, the above image is fake (he doesn’t like Apple, he likes banana).  Looking back through some old posts (here, here, and here)  it was interesting (and still is) to note all the fake stuff in China.  Now that I’m …

Bring CD stacks back to your desk.

[image: image.png] Remember when you had stacks of CDs on your desk and you could cycle through music? An interesting cover would catch your attention, you’d pop it in the player, skip to track 4 (the ubiquitous best track) and give it a listen. Like it? Rip it or buy it. It was a time …

Livin’ in a Sideways world

So, What do YOU do on July 4th when you have a 5 hr layover on the way to Beijing and your knee is throbbing?  You figure out why all of your images are posting rotated 90 degrees.  The culprit?  iPhone!!!  iPhone writes EXIF data different then how IE, Firefox and Chrome want to display …