Spring Break 2018 in Peru

The whole family (wife, and three kids 3, 6, 10) just went to Machu Picchu (MP), Peru for spring break.  We loved it!  Since many people have asked about the trip, I decided to document some suggestions and lessons learned here.  Enjoy:   Pre-Planning If you want to get into the spirit before your trip, […]

I love the iPhone!

Yes, I broke down and bought the iPhone. “Broke down” is not quite the right phrase. In truth all other phones were merely a string of waiting rooms until the iPhone arrived. Let me back up a few months. I used to be a die hard Sony Ericsson fan. Buying the latest and greatest camera […]

Hawai’i – That’ll be extra

Welcome to Hawai’i.Where pronouncing the ‘i means you will have to pay a lil extra. We have been faced with expensive drinks with no alcohol on many an occasion. When that happens in China, we usually switch to wine where you can’t take the alcohol out, right? Well maybe not, but they can take the […]

Want some Cow Tit Tea?

So,I am discovering a new problem in my Chinese studies. I routinely run into phrases where I understand all of the words except for a just a few. The problem is I can no longer just ‘ask’ what do those words mean. A good example is yesterday Rebecca was “just dying” for some noodles. So, […]

Thank you David

Not to get all technical on everyone, but China has once again closed the door on *.blogspot.com accounts. This is so annoying because while those of you outside the country can see my posts just fine, I cannot. Now, I have had the option to put my blog BACK on beuk.tv for some time, but […]

YAY! NY Times page updated!

I finally got my site situated on a CSS and put some standards in place, so I am going back and updating all the pages (yes, like all 2 of them) to make sure they match.  I have done this for the blog site.  I have attempted to do this for the now listening site, […]