Not to get all technical on everyone, but China has once again closed the door on * accounts. This is so annoying because while those of you outside the country can see my posts just fine, I cannot. Now, I have had the option to put my blog BACK on for some time, but I would then lose all the nice Blogger Widgets that have been created. The nicest of which is the hack to the label cloud. I was very reluctant to do this. Reading the comments it appeared that is was not possible to have a label cloud if you were posting via FTP. Tis’ not true!

Thanks to David over at I have been able to get the label cloud back on my site.
His post was pretty straight forward and easy to setup. Just remember during testing to delete the cache file or you will not see your changes. I also raised the percentage calculator from 100 to 115 to make the font slightly bigger.

My next step will be to find some way to get RSS feeds to appear in my sidebar. With blogger widgets it is easy. I just need a nice burner like what Feedburner does for links, to create a list of someone else’s RSS.

On a lighter note, Rebecca’s blog will be moving soon. We have regitered, so check back often to see her site ALSO moving off of Blogger. (Stoopid China Firewall…)