Today at breakfast my kids learned…

In the past three weeks my kids have learned the meanings of: Intersectional feminism Martial law 2-factor authentication We have also watched a lot of the “Sound of Music” and stated that we expect 100% effort on spelling and geography tests.  

So this is Christmas

I posted before about how having kids changes all the words and meanings to songs. I’m not a political person and I don’t like to soap box or jump on the latest craze, but knowing what happened in Newtown it is very hard to push it from my mind when listening to the radio.  Especially, […]

Bring CD stacks back to your desk.

[image: image.png] Remember when you had stacks of CDs on your desk and you could cycle through music? An interesting cover would catch your attention, you’d pop it in the player, skip to track 4 (the ubiquitous best track) and give it a listen. Like it? Rip it or buy it. It was a time […]

Baby I’m Not Going In There

Nothing says Merry Christmas like a good date rape song on the radio every five minutes, so hold on to your kerchief and snuggle close, this one is going to be bumpy: Have you ever stopped to listen to the words in “Baby, Its Cold Outside?” I have to admit, I hadn’t. I blame it […]

Daddy, This burger is good!

We tried a new hamburger place just down the street in a back alley today. JB burgers. We go the sense that it might be a Christian restaurant when we walked in and I said, “This music sounds like what we play at church.” Then there was the blessing of the patties… (J.K.) Although it […]