Not all those who wander are lost

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Go Cubbies!

Ticket to watch the Cubbies beat the Dodgers: $55 Pink baseball hat even though Mom & Dad wanted a different color: $20 Hotdog: $5 3rd Birthday & First trip to Wrigley with my daughter: PRICELESS

Sunday in the Park with Gioia

Sunday in the Park with Gioia Originally uploaded by beuk Seeing as I had a lot of rough posts earlier this week, I thought I would tone it down with some weekend posts of Gioia. Here is how the weekend went: First there was the pool. Then there was lunch by the pool. Sunday we …

Where’dya get that shirt?

Where’dya get that shirt?, originally uploaded by beuk. So, my friend Junior from the Dutch Football team invited us to a fancy dress party. The theme was to dress in clothes of your country. B and I dressed as Cubs fans, of course. The party was great with people from the States, Germany, Sweden, Congo, …