Where’dya get that shirt?

Where’dya get that shirt?, originally uploaded by beuk.

So, my friend Junior from the Dutch Football team invited us to a fancy

dress party. The theme was to dress in clothes of your country. B

and I dressed as Cubs fans, of course. The party was great with people from

the States, Germany, Sweden, Congo, Nigeria, China, and many from Holland.

One of the guys we met had a Lakers jersey on. He told us that he got the

jersey at the XianYang Market (the knock off mart) and then asked us where

we got our shirts… “Uhmmm, we got ours in Chicago”. “Those are real?”

Yes, sorry to say, we did not buy knock off items, we dressed as real

Americans with authentic dress that we would wear to any ole’ fall season

baseball game. Complete with baseball cap, cubs shirt, jeans, white shoes,

and white sox. No foolin’ here. Go Cubs!

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