Have dog food, will travel

I know I am not blogging as much as I thought I would when I re-re-kick started beuk.tv. The truth is we have been in the house and haven’t seen anyone in forever, so not too much changes. We have established a family rule of “no agenda” Saturdays. We realized how scheduled every day had become and now Saturday is free. No kids classes, no “Must Do” activities. Shower, don’t shower. Sleep, don’t sleep. Enjoy life.

One activity that brings me joy is biking. The trouble is the two larger ones are too big (and too cool) to ride with Daddy anymore on the Kangaroo.

The good ole days

So, sadly we said goodbye to the Kangaroo which we all loved dearly. It was an amazing bike that allowed us to go anywhere with everyone. One of my favorite times was just picking it up from the store. I rode a Brompton to the store, folded it, placed it in the Kangaroo and rode them both home. Another was doing “Bike The Drive” in Chicago in the rain. Two kids watched moves on an iPad with snacks while Daddy toiled up and down Lakeshore.

Now, we welcome the Yuba Mundo. I am not sure it was my first choice of a cargo bike for this stage of life, but used pricing sure beats new and we were very limited in choices during the COVID times. It serves the purpose of moving the baby (now 5! and losing lots of teeth!) around and sometimes the boy. When you ride, you forget the kids are behind you and it is simply a fun bike. Yesterday, I rode to the store (I am still the only household person I will allow to do shopping because I don’t trust the others to wash their hands — looking at you B) to get some dog food. The new liquor store was opened so I went there too and ended up riding home with a giant bag of dog food as well as a box of liquor and a 6-pack of cider. All in a days work for the Yuba. Almost too easy.

Time will tell if we come to love the Yuba as much as we did the Kangaroo, but if more grocery and kid trips are in the future, we are off to a good start.

For those looking for their own cargo bike(s), I cannot suggest my boy John at JcLind in Chicago high enough. He has been fantastic to us over the years and will definitely get you and your kids riding. Check out the Fr8!