Ahhh yes. It is a new day and therefore there must be some new technology out there for me to play with. Today it is the decision of what to do with Flickr. Sometimes I am not sure what it is for. I mean, I post pictures there, but then I can do that on Blogger too, so why bother? Other days I am overwhelmed by all the possible tool combinations that exists to work with Flickr. Today I found this mapping software called TripperMap or FlickMap and of course set right to tagging all my pictures correctly. The above is just a snapshot of the new map. Click the “MAPS” link on the left to see it in action. If you already have a Flickr account it is easy. You just add place names as tags or geocodes (both work) and then FlickrMap will present them for you on their elegant map. Now, if you are one of my Atlanta friends who never leaves the state much less come visit me in China then your map maybe a lil boring :p (Get over here fools!)

I have also updated “Our Map” since we recently went to Harbin, and I went to Macao and Taiwan for school. Read more about the horrors and wonders of Harbin at B’s Blog. You can see in Asia that we almost have all red dots, meaning I am catching up to all the places B has been!

Finally, I had another tour around Beijing and the Great Wall when my parents were here and I have uploaded all of the pictures. You can see the new ones under RECENT PICTURES on the left. Enjoy!