Big Bad Biking

I know I am not blogging as much as I thought I would when I re-re-kick started The truth is we have been in the house and haven’t seen anyone in forever, so not too much changes. We have established a family rule of “no agenda” Saturdays. We realized how scheduled every day had […]

Name that Movie: Alexa Shopping list style

Having three kids in the middle of a quarantine places some interesting items on the shopping list. We have all the necessities: toilet paper, flour, beans, vegetables, but apparently we are not eating enough candy for their liking. We also have started a “S’mores Tuesday” tradition around the grill and supplies are running low. This […]

Only one carry-on

Got off the plane, breezed through G.O.E.S., and waited for the rest of the family. That’s when I saw this guy. Now here is a guy who either: a) could benefit from no luggage fees b) just came back from Colorado with “brownies” c) lets his wife’s shopping trips get out of hand And to […]

The Euro

ME: Isn’t the Euro in the toilet now? WIFE: Yeah, why? ME: Just shopping around… Google search… ME: WHAT! 250 Euro is $322 US? WTF! WIFE: What did you expect? ME: I want it to be like $200 US! WIFE: It’s not THAT much in the toilet. (Oh well, guess there goes the trip to […]

Target getting greedy

What is this now? The price for this item WAS 19.99 and now it’s 21.65?? And Target simply added a tag on top instead of changing it. I know it is the week before Christmas tax but this is just the epitome of lazy. To top it off they call it on sale. How about […]

Merry Christmas

Kiddo and I had a day of shopping topped off by a trip to Build A Bear for Christmas outfits. Not sure who is more excited. Note the cell phone.