Just got back from my trip to Bangkok and Chiang Mai. I had a great time and a whirlwind trip through Bangkok up to Chiang Mai and back.
Here are some of the things I discovered:

Here is a shot of my neighbor in Chiang Mai.

I learned how silk was made.

We celebrated birthdays.

Everyone in Thailand wore yellow on the King’s 80th birthday.

I learned how fish were made. No, seriously I did! I visited three fish farms. I now know that those stones in the background are used to put oxygen in the water and keeping the water oxygen rich is a huge issue in fish farming.

Here is where the babies are kept after they are plundered from their mother’s mouth.

I followed Milton around.

I even got to play a lil soccer.

A great few days. To see all the pictures try below:

Randy’s Fish Farm
Walter’s Fish Farm
Other Chiang Mai Photos