What is up with all the sites sounding the same? First it was Goo{insert text here}. Then it just became “OO“. Now it seems, as it falls out of fashion, it has become more like “ewww“. I’m talking about all the Google parody sites that sprung up.
Such as:

  • frOOgle
  • gOOsynch
  • OOgle
  • etc…

Now we are hit with the attack of the Beijing accent; Flickr, Blogg(e)rhttp://www.blogger.com/www.blogger.com, Mappr, Twitter, r, r, r, etc…
Makes me want to go out an register Beukr. (In fact, I think I used to have a friend in high school call me that). It is interesting how the English language lends itself to parodies like that. One might say it is EZ. How come some consonants and vowels tend to work better than others? Does there have to be one smash success for others to follow or can you start your own trend? Maybe I could start: “Beuk-iful” or “The Beuk of Earl” or “Beuk and White” (sorry it is late and I am jet lagged) I was MUCH more creative THIS DAY.

I just found the latest in “r”eally new sites: Tumblr.com
Instead of my normal post post-travel I have placed it on Tumblr to try it out. I would love to have one site that could consolidate all my others sites, but so far Blogger still rules for me. The jury is still out, but there maybe changes in the future for Beuk.tv. Is Tumblr it? Check it out yourself and let me know what you think.