Poop Bag Gifts?

This is what happens when you willy-nilly implement an order checkout system. Who is gifting poop bags? What is the occasion? Birthday? Anniversary? Christmas?…Wedding? *GIFT MESSAGE* *”Hi, we thoroughly enjoyed your wedding. You looked beautiful in your dress. By the way, your ass of a husband tried to make out with me in the coat […]

Go Cubbies!

Ticket to watch the Cubbies beat the Dodgers: $55 Pink baseball hat even though Mom & Dad wanted a different color: $20 Hotdog: $5 3rd Birthday & First trip to Wrigley with my daughter: PRICELESS

Weekend Highs and Lows

Highs: Tech beats NC State Baby G plays soccer G runs real fast in the Leprechaun Leap Facepainting!! Birthday dinner with cousins and sis Lows: Tech loses to Duke Kicker the 6ft bunny scares the crap outta my kid.