Not all those who wander are lost

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Poop Bag Gifts?

This is what happens when you willy-nilly implement an order checkout system. Who is gifting poop bags? What is the occasion? Birthday? Anniversary? Christmas?…Wedding? *GIFT MESSAGE* *”Hi, we thoroughly enjoyed your wedding. You looked beautiful in your dress. By the way, your ass of a husband tried to make out with me in the coat …

Go Cubbies!

Ticket to watch the Cubbies beat the Dodgers: $55 Pink baseball hat even though Mom & Dad wanted a different color: $20 Hotdog: $5 3rd Birthday & First trip to Wrigley with my daughter: PRICELESS

Weekend Highs and Lows

Highs: Tech beats NC State Baby G plays soccer G runs real fast in the Leprechaun Leap Facepainting!! Birthday dinner with cousins and sis Lows: Tech loses to Duke Kicker the 6ft bunny scares the crap outta my kid.

Who gives a 2 year old hard candy?

Who gives a 2 year old hard candy? Originally uploaded by beuk It was JunJun’s birthday at school and what better way to say thanks to all your classmates than giving out choking hazzards like hard candy. Who thinks this is a good idea and who let’s their kids eat hard candy like that? Oh …