Julia Roberts in the Post Office

So, my wife tells me I cannot share the video with you because it shows someone’s address, but I can still share the story.

As I walk around this world I am continually surprised by the Matrix phenomenon. That is that everything is happening for a reason and when one thing occurs it is because something else caused it to.

B sent me to the post office to send off her hand-made Christmas ornaments. While I was writing all the names one of them stuck out: Julia Roberts! No, not the real Julia Roberts, but one that lives in Atlanta and happens to like ornaments as well. AT THE SAME TIME as I was writing her letter the local radio station comes on and starts playing “Pretty Woman.” I would say that this was odd in itself, but there are two more details that make it worse. First, there were 6 letters to be addressed, stuffed, and sealed. How come the song didn’t come on during any of the other letters? AND most improbable is that I am mailing these from Mandarin speaking TAIWAN! Where just moments before they were speaking on the radio in Chinese. The first song that comes on happens to be in ENGLISH and its Pretty Woman!?! Come on….

My second OCD trip was this: We have a limited number of channels here. I would guestimate 6 that are in English, so programming is extremely limited. The other morning before going to workout I had breakfast and started watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Not so weird in itself, except that I do not normally watch these type of movies (by that I mean old black and white films). I saw the opening scene, watched a bit of it and thought, hmmm… looks like a nice movie. Then I went to the gym. On my way I passed the Nokia store which I pass everyday. Today, this very same morning, was the day that they introduced their new ad campaign centered around a Breakfast at Tiffany’s theme. there in the window was the very same scene I had just watched not 30 minutes ago!

What is going on here? It seems when something weird, that you don’t normally experience, happens it will then keep happening two maybe three times. In my experience, it usually happens within the next 24-36 hours. Now it could be that my brain cannot make connections beyond 36 hours and therefore I do not find the linkages, but when I look at the examples above, I don’t think I am crazy. Can you deny that these are pretty strong linkages? Is there any research on this phenomenon? What would it be called?

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