I just got to eat here the other day with my friend Kate. It is called Xia
Tian Di (Shrimp World). Not to be confused with Xin Tian Di (New World)
which is the tourist mecca for jazz, shopping, and good food. This is a
little stall on the street in front of our house. The way it works is that
you fill a basket from a selection of raw food laid out before you. Then
you hand it to the cook and she puts it in a boiling vat. Yes, vat! Of oil
and soup for it to boil together. If you are allergic to shrimp or other
such foods you will want to avoid this as yours and everyone else’s basket
will be in the same vat. After a few minutes, they spoon it into a bowl
with a little of the community soup and voila! You have a great “healthy”

I must admit it was quite good and there are many such stalls to be found
around the city. B and I have been waning to try it for awhile and I
am sorry that I did not wait for her to come home. Having your Hep shots up
to date makes one kinda brave. Kate and I reasoned that if the vat is
boiling all day like it is, how much bacteria could there be?