When You Gotta Go, originally uploaded by beuk.

Beijing states that they will have 1 bathroom for every 10 people in Beijing

by the time of the Olympics. I wonder if this includes all the foriegners

that will descend upon the city or just the current amount of people living

there. I also wonder how they calculate this number seeing as they are

still waiting on private investment.

Anyway, this was one experience on our recent Beijing trip:

Just for fun, imagine what you get when you have a tour guide on your trip

to the Great Wall who tells you Beijing is dryer then other cities and that

you must drink more water all day. Then throw-in the fact that it is too

cold to pull your pants down, let alone use one of the infamous outdoor

toilets. Now for a dash of irony, add B on 50+ minute bus ride

returning to the city being taunted by the “Public Toilet This Way” sign at

every intersection and with no where to get off the bus.

Relax B. Think of a gentle stream…no wait… a waterfall… no a

warm bath….. AHHHHHGGHGHG! Don’t hit me!

(Man, Now I have to go pee.)


Great Wall pics from the trip