Super 8

Turns out Kyle Chandler (who I stood in security with) AND Elle Fanning (who I spoke to at length in customs) were in Sydney to promote the Super 8 movie. Very sweet girl. A star studded flight. On top of that we watched Friday Night Lights on the plane. Guess I know what blockbuster I […]

Danny Glover

I know you can’t tell from the picture, but I just met Danny Glover of Lethal Weapon fame and countless other films. I stalked him a bit and shook his hand at the top of the escalators. Seems like he might be headed to Sundance this year so make plans early. And here I was […]

That famous Taiwan smile

                            While some people (cough, cough) may think I am a “geek” in this photo, I was proud to pull off a “Taiwan” smile for a picture in (??) India!  Actually, I was just having a lot of fun  posing for the […]

Sexually Repressed in Taiwan!

WHAT! I just saw a little bit of “When Harry Met Sally” on TV today. (Yes, 1989 films are about as modern as Taiwan television gets here.) Regardless, THE SCENE WAS ALMOST 100% CUT! It went from “Are you ok”, Harry crosses arms, then “I’ll have what she’s having.” SHOCK! No uncomfortable glances over the […]

YouTube YouCrazy!

So,YouTube has a few strange policies that are affecting me a bit. If you haven’t seen my famous Tiger video you need to check it out. Now, for the record, all I did was take the video. I have NOTHING to do with the comment section which is out of hand underneath. There is everything […]

What language does Australia speak?

WARNING: This post gets a lil crass, so don’t show it to the kiddies. (That means you G, look away). Studying Mandarin in multiple cities has given me an insight into how language shifts from location to location. People may believe they are speaking the same language, but the words are not the same. So, […]