Not all those who wander are lost

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New Day, New Map.

Ahhh yes. It is a new day and therefore there must be some new technology out there for me to play with. Today it is the decision of what to do with Flickr. Sometimes I am not sure what it is for. I mean, I post pictures there, but then I can do that on …

Great Wall

as i sit and ponder the great wall,i have to that all?i have seen the world, my life greatly enrichedand now i’m beside some bricks in a ditch?wip… – Jean Toph

When You Gotta Go

When You Gotta Go, originally uploaded by beuk. Beijing states that they will have 1 bathroom for every 10 people in Beijing by the time of the Olympics. I wonder if this includes all the foriegners that will descend upon the city or just the current amount of people living there. I also wonder how …