Yay! Dog Food.
Originally uploaded by beuk.

No, the cricket is not the dog food, but close to it. We stepped outside the Marriott Apartment exit and

found ourselves on the “Petco” street of Shanghai. It had 2 dog/cat stores, 5-6 fish stores and 100 cricket

stores. They were so LOUD! Apparently, crickets in cages are a big seller. While we did not see any dogs as

big as Frankie, we did see big bags of dog food that we recognized. The guy in the store spun the bag around

so we could read it (distrubing 3 cockroaches in the process) and we saw that it was 15Kg of food. A good

large size bag. The down side is that we could not ask him how much it cost, so we still don’t have an idea

if it will be cheap or not to feed Frankie here on traditional dog food. “How Much” is now on the top of our

list for key words we need to learn in Chinese (bathrooms have signs and are everywhere, so that is #4 :)

The cricket was just a cooler photo then a bag of dog food.