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One of the highlights of our second trip to China is that we were able to arrive during the day this time

(instead of late at night). We were thus able to take the MagLev (Magnetic Levitation) high-speed train into

the city. This was a big highlight for B. The train is right in the same station as the airport. The

fee was ~$6USD. The way I look at it, you pay $1/minute because the ride was only 7 minutes long! It took us

longer to walk to, get on, and then get off the train then it did to take the ride. During that time we

reached a speed of 440Km/h (~270miles/h)! It was fast, but so fast it was almost anti-climatic.

The alternative to the maglev is a taxi which from the airport to DT would take about 45 minutes. Certainly,

the train is the way to go. Pictures of inside and outside the train will be posted to the website once our

trip is done.


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