Black Typhoon not slowing us down…
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Apparently, typhoons have color coded warnings with ‘black’ being the worst. This warning has hindered our house search as the coastal regions have ben evacuated and our apartment people have called off our Saturday tour. Sunday people do not accept ‘Open Houses’ so we will not be able to see anything then either. We walked around from 9a-1p in the rain and sorta ruined the hotels umbrella with the driving wind and constant rain.

We made it back to the hotel just as the rain really started to come down. Tree limbs are down all over town and some damage to pots and plants can be seen, but stores were still open. We managed to buy t-shirts, coke, yarn, and power convertors as we toured the list of properties we had. We could not go in, but at breakfast we mapped out where all the properties were and then we made our path and had a great tour. Read some of the other postings to see some of the places.