One Park Avenue

One City Plaza
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This was the 4th of 7 places on our list. It is not a stand alone house like some of the others, but it looked

really nice. We did not get to go into this one or any of them today, but it was cool to see the neighborhoods,

streets, closeness to subway, etc… This place looks like it is empty, which might explain why they would

accept dogs. We have not seen one other expat or tourist today even when we were outside of the tower here

so, we are guessing that we would not be living amongst a bunch of Americans in this residence.

The place is in a great location. If I kept a job with Mercury I would be a block away from the office, with B’s work

being about 5 blocks away. There is a SUPER cheap yarn store around the corner. We went in (realize going

“IN” a store in Shanghai sometimes is like walking into your walk-in-closet. You have about that much room)

… We went in and found some yarn. It said 48RMB (>$5USD). This was not that bad a deal. As we were paying

the price, I asked B if the 48RMB was for the whole packet (they were packed in sleeves of 8) or per

one. It turns out it is per packet, so when B handed the shopkeeper 50RMB, we were delighted to get

>40RMB back + change. Basically, 1 ball of yarn which would cost 7USD if not more in the states cost less

then 1USD here.

As you can see if we live too close, this could become habit forming :)


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