Mr. Shrimp approves of you eating Mr. Shrimp!

There is something not quite right to me about having your food approve or appear happy about you eating it. I have mentioned this before with Mr. Cow. Now on the street in Taipei, outside KFC, I find Mr. Shrimp lounging in a deep fat fried shrimp ring??? What??? That could be his friend, or his sister, or even his Mom that he is so casually lounging on (ew, gross). Doesn’t he have any remorse or did he sell his friends out to KFC for a lil R&R? How does he know he is not next? Do you really want to eat the shrimp now after seeing how cute he is?

BTW: What is he reading? KFC manual on how to cook shrimp? Learn from Chik-fil-a and let the cows sell the chicken.

I’m off to have a word with Mr. Red Lobster…

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