Sunday in the Park with Gioia

Sunday in the Park with Gioia Originally uploaded by beuk Seeing as I had a lot of rough posts earlier this week, I thought I would tone it down with some weekend posts of Gioia. Here is how the weekend went: First there was the pool. Then there was lunch by the pool. Sunday we […]

Asia. Not so weird?

We have been here too long. These things are just not that weird to us anymore: Taiwan.The other day I saw a family of 5 on a scooter. B was shocked. I was like, “What’s the big deal.” In the U.S. you would never see that (not because of laws, because an American family of […]

Poolside fun

Poolside fun Originally uploaded by beuk Poolside fun at Miss Jennifer’s just before the typhoon. Rebecca wouldnot let me post the pic of her in her cap. Email me separately :) #fb

Chinese Medicine vs. Wet Hair

It is raining again in Taiwan. So? Its an island. It rains all the time, but today this means G comes home with wet hair. I don’t care, I love it when she runs down the hall and gives me a big wet hug. While we were discussing the days events (baking bread, singing songs, […]

Hong Kong and back!

Check out the view from our room! We just got back from a quick weekend in Hong Kong. I guess there could be worse places for us to have to travel to from Taiwan each time. We stayed at the Grand Hyatt. B is now 3 nights away from silver platinum super duper fragilistic status […]

Everybodys working for the weekend!

With a face only a mother could love, who wouldn’t want to come home to this? Well, my lovely wife had a very hard and long week last week. She started on Sunday due to the Chinese New Year, worked until 11pm or later almost every night and stumbled head first into the weekend to […]