Not all those who wander are lost

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Swimmer of the Month

My mom recently cleaned house and returned a bunch of stuff to me from my childhood.  The kids have enjoyed seeing this article from when my sister and I spent all our waking hours in the pool.  I just realized this counts for my categorization of times I was mentioned in articles :)

The worst part was leaving

G is writing a series of “Journal Prompts” for school.  They are grate insight into how her little mind works and what she is interested in.  One of my favorite is her description of our trip to Cancun:

I went to Cancun once for summer break with my mom, dad, and my brother.  We took a gator ride.  A gator is a bus that goes on land and water.  I also liked the pool.  We stayed in a hotel named the Westin.  It had four pools.  I also went to a party with a piñata.  The worst part was leaving.



If you like Hockey, you’ll love Water Polo

If you like hockey, you’ll love water polo. Mike Emrick is broadcasting the play by play for women’s water polo (and men’s?) at the Olympics. As I listen to the game at work I hear his voice and have to be reminded that this is in a pool and not on ice. Especially since there …

Pool Day

So, we regularly go to the Hyatt pool on the weekends which is just down the street. It has been great and G loves it. Today we had a new waterproof camera today and it was fantastic! Below is one of my favorite shots. See all of the pics here. The best part is soon …

Sunday in the Park with Gioia

Sunday in the Park with Gioia Originally uploaded by beuk Seeing as I had a lot of rough posts earlier this week, I thought I would tone it down with some weekend posts of Gioia. Here is how the weekend went: First there was the pool. Then there was lunch by the pool. Sunday we …