Check out the view from our room! We just got back from a quick weekend in Hong Kong. I guess there could be worse places for us to have to travel to from Taiwan each time. We stayed at the Grand Hyatt. B is now 3 nights away from silver platinum super duper fragilistic status at the Hyatt. Who ever thought a good Christmas present would include a concierge and a breakfast buffet.

While there we went and got our haircuts. Not that we could not do it in Taiwan, but there is no Toni & Guy in Taiwan and we are big fans. When we told this to the staff in HK they asked us, “Will you come back to get your haircut?” Sure! Why not! We also saw a dog awareness march concluding in the streets. There is always somethign going on in HK.

Afterwards we enjoyed a nice buffet by the pool. I have to say, for a minute there I thought I was back in Langkawi (sigh…).

Monday night was the best though when we caught up with not only Karla and her cousin Wendy, both from Taiwan, and returning to work, but also one of their Aunts flew in from San Fransisco. All at the same time we arrived back. How cool is that?

Check out more of the pics from the trip here.

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