I Remember!

Blog? I have a blog? We heard the same quote from one of our friends about their dog when they got a kid. I haven’t posted in a long while because Gioia keeps us pretty busy. When I finally do get a moment to rest, there are dishes to wash, clothes to fold, and Rebecca’s […]

Losing it in the Denver Airport

Just to prove that multiple degrees do not make you smart, the day after I graduated in Los Angeles, we missed out flight in LAX. I don’t know who thought we could show up for a 6:30am flight at 5:30am at LAX during Christmas rush. It must have been Rebecca… :) Just kidding. She actually […]

Everybodys working for the weekend!

With a face only a mother could love, who wouldn’t want to come home to this? Well, my lovely wife had a very hard and long week last week. She started on Sunday due to the Chinese New Year, worked until 11pm or later almost every night and stumbled head first into the weekend to […]

Skiing in Beijing

                          It is true. You can go skiing less than one hour from our house. I went on Thursday for about 3 hours. It is not the greatest skiing in the world. In fact, it is basically two bumps, BUT the cost was […]

Burning clothes in the street

Saw this in the street the other night.  I think they are burning theclothes of someone who recently dies in the house.  I am not sure whythis is, but it is an interesting custom.

My New Restaurant

My new restaurant in Shanghai is now open! Just kidding, but it was a shockto see my name posted on this small side street. I guess it pays to take anew way home once and awhile. BTW: There is a clothes store next store(not pictured) that is AWESOME!