When I am wrong, I say I’m wrong. It seems I was wrong about what they are
saying on the bicycles.

Xi Yi Ji – Wash Clothes Machine

I know the picture is not great, but that is what you are looking at on the
side of the bike in the distance there. We/I have finally learned what it
is all the men want at 7:30am when they ride on their bicycle up and down
our street with a megaphone on a tape loop. The message is to “bring out
yer dead”…er…. bring out your old washing machines and we will buy them from
you. (My Ayi helped me figure it out).

So, my question was of course, what do they do if you DO have a washing
machine that you need repaired or “gotten rid of”? How do they cart it
away? Silly me, they just strap it to their bike and ride away just like:

** Unsecured Eggs
** Poles over 12 feet long
** Their friends
** 12 or more bottles for the water cooler