Tons of time

Planning an Easter dinner for 14? No problem. Have only 4 hours after church? Pleeaasseeee… That means there is plenty of time to knock this dress out the night before and have kiddo debut it at church. All in a days work for Super Becca!

Cold in Taipei

Today it is finally for the first time slightly cold in Taipei. Note: we are not wearing North Face (like everyone else in Taipei), but since G has bronchitis I figured I should clothe the baby at least a little bit. I know it is sickening that we match, but I love it! I even […]

G is loving the snow

G is loving the snow Originally uploaded by beuk We love the snow and so does G. Our friends are powder hounds and doing a lot of skiing “off map.” They call it skiing the “back woods.” I call it insane. If I need to use a helmet and I can’t use a map it’s […]

How to dress like an American

photo.jpg Originally uploaded by beuk I was going to title this, “How to dress like a Westerner,” but then I realized I am not up to date on the fashion trends of the Europeans (give me ’til tomorrow :) When out on the town we constantly get people noticing BabyG. Now, I know she is […]

Bad to the bone

Bad to the bone My angel daughter just became a little less so today. This morning coming out of the shower I caught her hitting the dog and saying “stupid dog.” Now the bad part is she is getting that from daddy and we have sucessfully learned our lesson that kids will say anything… but […]