Getting Weird!!

The other night we were watching Goodfellas.  Something was said right in the beginning of the movie that my wife and I had JUST said to each other.  We looked right at each other and thought, man that is weird.  The really weird thing is that she picked that movie and I never would have […]

Quinoa should be taking over the world. This is why it isn’t.

Quinoa should be taking over the world. This is why it isn’t. Why many great crops never go mainstream in America. Reading this article while eating the black bean, corn and QUINOA salad from Starbucks (which is the bomb by the way). TTC: 1 min (plus carry time from Starbucks)

#6 – Lego swords

This afternoon I had a thought, why not take all the Lego swords and make a throne from Game of Thrones.  Plus, why not use the dwarf legs, blonde hair, and lion crests to make characters.  Seems my great ideas come late to the party.

#5 K-Cups

Did you know that K-Cups and Keurig coffee machines (as I saw advertised on TV and available in my hotel room) are owned by Tata who I was reading about in the NY Times WHEN THE COMMERCIAL WAS PLAYING! TTC: Instant!

#4 Balance Bikes

I had been discussing a balance bike for kiddo #2 with B for quite some time now.  I was also wondering if I could simply remove the cranks and wheels from kiddo #1’s bike and create the same thing. If you are not familiar with the balance bike.  It is basically a small bike, sometimes […]

#3 – Bora Bora

On our way to pick up our son at my sister’s, we were discussing possible locations for our 10th anniversary trip. B deviates from her plan and mentions that she’d like to go to Bora Bora, a sandy location. I thought this would be a good idea and maybe we could fly through New Zealand […]